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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find our news ?

You can find our news on or our networks.

Are we hiring ?

Find our job offers on our Discord. If you want to offer your services, please contact us by mail : [email protected]

Who is Double T ?

Double T is a community of Minecraft programmers that provides experiences that are appreciated all over the world. Created on October 28th 2021 by Exypnos_ and Has0ne. Our goal? To entertain you!

How to install our Minecraft maps on Windows ?

You have to download the map on the dedicated page via a direct download or via Planet-Minecraft.
Unzip the file and place it in your "saves" folder.

To access the "saves" file do :
- Windows + R
-Type %appdata%.
-Go to the .minecraft folder
-Place the unzipped folder in "saves".
*Important : You must have Minecraft Java Edition.

How to contact us ?

With the email address: [email protected]. or With the help center.

Where can I find the privacy policy ?

Double T aims to be as transparent and accessible as possible. To find out how your data is managed, please visit the privacy policy.

How do I download a map ?

Go to the page of the profile whose map you want to download (only Double T at the moment) and choose either a direct download via Mediafire or to go through Planet-Minecraft (or other tier if available)

How to comment on a project ?

To comment on a project you must create an account and then go to a project page and scroll down the page until you find the box allowing you to comment.

Why and where do the ads come from ?

Double T offers these projects totally free of charge in order to be as accessible as possible. However we need financial means to achieve our project. You can support us via Tipeee or Patreon donations but this is not enough to cover all the costs. In order to continue to offer free experiences Double T makes its site eligible for advertising by google ADS. We are aware that this can interfere with the user experience and are trying to limit them.

How do I update my account information ?

You can update your account information on the following page: edit my profile.

How do I delete my account ?

You can delete your account on the following page: Settings

How can I delete or request all my personal information ?

To delete or request all your personal information send us an email to the following address: [email protected]

Is it possible to submit personal projects and publish them on your profile page ?

It is currently impossible to publish your personal projects.

How can I retrieve my account if I forget my password ?

Retrieve your password at the following address: Retrieve my password

How can I report a bug or an error on the site ?

You can submit your questions or report your problems via the help center.

Where are the notifications ?

Click on the bell at the top right of your screen.

What is a certified account and how do I get certified ?

Certified accounts are those that have a white checkmark next to their username. These accounts have a verified identity. Certification is at the sole discretion of Double T.

Join DoubleT !

Join the adventure now! Be part of the DoubleT community!

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