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The Maze

The Maze The Maze

Minecraft java version: 1.18.2

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Description :

inspired by 3D Monster Maze

The maze is a horror maze gameboy style map.

Walk in the dark corridors and find the exit before Rex finds you.

Rules :


Graphics: fabulous!
View bobbing: OFF
Music: OFF
Hostile creatures: OFF
Render distance: 20 chunks
GUI scale: 3
FOV: 90
Particles: minimal
Don't press F5

! not multiplayer compatible !
WARNING: This map contains loud noises and jumpscares

(This map was made in only a few days but it's cool and spooky so you should play it :D)

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Patate#1436978 8 M

nice jumpscares 🤣!


UNKNOW#206784 8 M

And there you have it, once again they've succeeded ahahha, no kidding she's really too good 👏🏾👏🏾


Exypnos_#HWGO 10 M (Edited)

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