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Final Hour (Late Delivery DLC)

Final Hour (Late Delivery DLC) Final Hour (Late Delivery DLC) Final Hour (Late Delivery DLC) Final Hour (Late Delivery DLC)
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Description :

[​Inspired by Puppet Combo]
Final Hour is a horror PS1/VHS style map, the visuals and sounds have been adapted to fit in the theme perfectly inside of Minecraft


You play a policeman who is getting ready to go home from work at 11pm. You finish putting your files away before leaving but you strangely feel observed... Maybe you are not the only one in this building after all...

Rules :

Do not use Optifine or Shaders, this will break the map visuals!

Render Distance: 10
Simulation Distance: 10
Smooth Lighting: OFF
Particles: MINIMAL
Brightness: BRIGHT
Graphics: FABULOUS
FOV: 90

This map is not multiplayer compatible!

Please use the default launcher of Mnecraft for it to work correctly.

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UNKNOW#206784 2 M

I don't know how the designers do it but they're really good at it 😂😂


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DoubleT#2810Creator 29 d

@UNKNOW Thank you ! it was very hard !


virgil34.8#893706 2 M

i played it just after late delivery and god damn it makes me jump out of my chair lmao


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DoubleT#2810Creator 29 d

@virgil34.8 Ahahah ! Thanks !!!


Exypnos_#HWGO 3 M

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