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The Maze | A retro horrific map

The Maze | A retro horrific map

The first map of Double T is heavily inspired by the very first horror game in history, "3D Monster Maze." This iconic game was a trailblazer in its field, and our team has decided to pay homage to its legacy by designing a map that does it justice. By exploring this map, players will rediscover the eerie and captivating atmosphere that made "3D Monster Maze" famous. The design elements, narrow and dark corridors, subtle traps, and terrifying creatures will undoubtedly remind fans of the original game why it made such a significant impact on the genre's history. The Double T map offers an immersive and thrilling experience while paying tribute to this pioneering work in the realm of horror games.

Game inspiration:

In 1981, the very first horror game called "3D Monster Maze" was released. The player had to find the way out of a randomly generated maze while being chased by a tyrannosaurus named Rex. Inspired by this game, we created The Maze.


You wake up in a small dark room, with no memory of how you got there. You must find your way out of a strange and large maze in which Rex, a dangerous and deadly creature, is hiding, ready to jump out of the darkness at any moment. You'll need to find levers that will open doors around the map, unlocking parts of the maze that will eventually lead you to your escape.

Retro style:

The visuals, sounds and mechanics of the map have been adapted to fit perfectly with the 3D look of classic games, bringing a whole new and terrifying experience to the player, in Minecraft. With it's art direction that resumes the graphics of the Gameboy, this game will awaken in some people memories and in others an immersion into this past... terrifying.

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