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Late Delivery: Launch announcement

Late Delivery: Launch announcement

You may have read or heard horror stories before. You told yourself that it only happened to others. But what if this time the others were you?


The Double T team is proud to present its most ambitious project, which took nearly eight months to prepare. Late Delivery is the first franchise entirely imagined by Double T. The music, the scenario and the universe were created for the occasion. Directed by Tristan (Exypnos_) and Has0ne the experience has been completely thought for Minecraft and exceed your expectations of the imaginable possible.

You will live the horror:

Imagine you are quietly at home sleeping. Your wife is away with your two children on a trip. And in this peaceful sleep, a doorbell rings. You go downstairs and open your door, but like Pandora's box, it is too late. Evil is in your house. It is mysterious, you recognize its mark, and you know why it is there. You kill. Don't try to run, don't try to scream or call for help. It has tracked you, it has analyzed you, and it knows you better than anyone else. He has decided that you are his next prey, so don't resist. Embrace death and look at his mark one last time. Because after that you will see nothing.

The game system:

You will be in your house and your goal will be to escape from The Night Eye. In the map there will be several systems requiring objects or thinking to find a way to escape. Late Delivery opens the narrative axis of a series of games whose sequels will further detail the story but can be played independently. A little advice before you embark on the adventure. There is no point in hiding forever, it is there for you, it will find you.

To conclude:

Late Delivery is released on February 20, 2023. This narrative horror game will impress you both graphically and mechanically. Live a new and horrific experience like no other. But beware, The Night Eye may have put you on its list, so check to see if you can see its open pupil logo. If he is stalking you, good luck because only luck can help you.

Double T, Growing with you.

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