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The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 : Welcome to another reality

The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 : Welcome to another reality

You've probably heard of Kane Pixel's Backrooms. The hit YouTube series got the internet buzzing with the release of each episode. Double T takes on the challenge of immersing you in this other reality.

What are the backrooms?

In video games there are sometimes bugs where you go behind walls. Backrooms are the same thing but in real life. There are times when you sink into the ground and find yourself in a place beyond all laws of physics.

Game Synopsis:

While shooting a movie with your friends, you suddenly fall through the floor and find yourself in a strange place, where there is nothing but the stench of an old wet carpet, the madness of monoyellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights and unreal physics. You must find your way out of this place. Stalked by something lurking in the shadows.

An experience already enjoyed:

Over a thousand downloads and interactions, The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 map is one of Double T's biggest hits. The recreation is done in great detail and the atmosphere is heavy, you really relieve the journey of the character from "Found Footage".

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