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2T Bot: The beginning of something

At the time, 2T Bot was an Alpha version, giving you official access to Double T statistics and content. The service was then discontinued due to lack of interest. But now it's back. 

Double T statistics in real time: 

What's the most downloaded map? Which title did the community enjoy the most? All these questions will be answered... NOW! 2T_Bot's Beta statistics service is relaunched 24/7 on the Discord. Via the dedicated chanel you'll be able to find the total of all downloads of our projects on, and You'll also have access to the like of our projects according to the following calculation: 1 like on the site comes to +1, 1 heart on planetminecraft comes to +1 and 1 diamond on planetminecraft comes to +0.5. You'll also see the total number of views for each project and the descending ranking of maps according to their number of downloads. 


News from all over! :

Don't miss a thing! Stay up to date! From now on, you'll be notified of news from Double T on the Discord within the hour of publication. So you can keep up to date without having to come to the site, or if you're not on the discord, you can access it directly on the site. This new feature is designed to make the Double T adventure more accessible to everyone, and to increase the importance of the official website. Join the Discord and activate the "news" notification role to be notified faster than your shadow and not miss ANY opportunities. 


Just the beginning:

The elements given above are just the beginning of the project and are there only to notify and show its existence. Statistics directly available on the website, a chatbot, customization of the interface according to the user. These are just a few of the dozens of ideas under development at Double T under the project name "2T_bot" (temporary name). Take advantage of this development time to propose your ideas, whether on the Discord, the Tipeee, or the site's contact tickets! Being ever closer to you and building our future with you is our eternal mission.


Double T, Growing with you.

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