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The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 Complete Edition : Launch

After more than a year's wait Double T is pleased to announce the release of chapter 2 of The Backrooms Archives Vol.1. Experience the Kane Pixels videos as if you were the protagonists.

The appearance of chapter 2: 
The video chosen for Chapter 2 is Found Footage 2. You will play the role of a young girl trying to understand a phenomenon she has discovered. But as she films herself to show off her discovery, she finds herself thrust into the vast and frightening world of backrooms. The video is as close as possible to the Kane Pixels video, adapting it for an immersive experience that makes you feel like you are her. Don't watch the videos, live them.

A total remake of Chapter 1:
Chapter 1, released last year and based on the Found Footage video, has been completely remade to be even more faithful to the video. New animations, new graphics and improved timing. Try or re-try the experience of Backrooms as you've never seen them in Minecraft.

A sequel? :

Double T are not in a position to confirm the forthcoming development of volume 2 of The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 or any other project taking place in the Backrooms. Future projects will focus on original projects such as Late Delivery in order to stretch our imagination and our vision of video games as far as possible and give you the experience you deserve for your support. However, we're still very much involved in the Backrooms, so... stay tuned. (Want to stay in the loop? Join the Discord now!)

Double T, Growing with you.

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