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Double T: Second birthday letter

When I was little, I used to watch Peter Pan. I saw this imaginary world that seemed limitless, but above all, unreal. I was wrong, and if I know that, it's thanks to you. By supporting us for 2 years now in our exploration of our imaginary world, you make it more real than anything else.

Double T, always growing with you:

"Double T, Growing with you" has been our slogan for almost 2 years now. And nothing has changed since then. When we created the project on October 28, 2021, Has0ne and I (Exypnos_) just wanted to have fun for a while, without imagining that it would lead to anything concrete. However, when we released our first project, The Maze, in January 2022, you were right on target and made us realize that when you create a simple work of art, it can come to life when you play it. But it was impossible to know what to do, how to do it, and how to do it alone. So we found our greatest ally: you. By integrating you directly into the development process of our projects, we've been able to create games with thousands of imaginary worlds within them, so that everyone can be touched and bring them to life. You've always listened to us, whether in our difficulties or in our moments of success, and in return we've been obliged to listen to you. And if there's one thing I hope never disappears from Double T, it's our closeness to you. So that Double T remains a "We".

Okay... but what's happened in two years? :

If you want to know all about our beginnings, you can read our letter on our previous anniversary. But let's recap the main points. On October 28, 2021, me and Has0ne created Double T to produce Minecraft maps, mainly horror, and Hoag joined us shortly afterwards. In January 2022 The Maze is released, followed by The Backrooms archives vol.1 chapter 1 a few months later. This was also the beginning of the creation of this website, in which Hoag was appointed head of development. After the Backrooms project, we decided to embark on our first 100% original project, Late Delivery.

Late Delivery, finishing at all costs:

After the success of The Backrooms Archives Vol.1, we decided to renew ourselves with a completely original project. We wanted to create a game that resembled us from A to Z. Music, story, gameplay, design... everything had to be our own. Among our project ideas, we quickly decided on a map in which you'd play as a character who receives a coli at a late hour and a killer enters his house, so he has to escape. Pre-development began, with the aim of releasing the project around Halloween 2022. We began to designate an apartment, write the story, create the mechanics, characters, lore and everything else that goes with it. Development is progressing well, and the website is beginning to take shape in parallel. However, we're noting that development is likely to take longer than expected, and that we risk creating impatience among players. So, to give you a taste of Late Delivery and keep you waiting, we're starting development on a simple project called "Final Hour", in which you'll play a policeman who, one night at the police station after several simple tasks, encounters the Late Delivery killer. We therefore began development of this project while continuing development of Late Delivery in parallel. The project is developed during the July-August period, and the arrival of a character we don't yet know very well (The Revealer) makes its appearance on our Discord. We start promoting the project, confident of its release, but by the end of development we're overwhelmed by the sheer number of bugs in the map. We spend sometimes 20 hours a day working on it to get the project out on time. And just at the right moment, we manage to finish it off completely. It was released on July 31, 2022. But a few hours after its release, new bugs are discovered, forcing us to remove the project from the platforms and finally republish it a few days later. Today, with over 7000 downloads, it's our most downloaded project. The website appeared around the same time as version 1 of Final Hour, so we continued with Late Delivery in its entirety, but realized that the gameplay couldn't be executed ideally in an apartment, so we rebooted the project entirely in a house. This led us to rewrite parts of the story and elements of the gameplay to perfectly match our vision of what the game should be. Development is going rather well and the project is beginning to take shape. We're now more or less confident of a December 2022 release date. However, unforeseen bugs are still cropping up, and we're also realizing that certain gameplay elements don't work in reality. On December 26, like a stab in the dark, we were forced to announce the postponement of the map to January. And January is still not good, as the heavy workload weakens Has0ne, who is forced to take a break. By the time he came back, it was my turn to fall seriously ill, forcing us to postpone the project again until early February. But at the time of release, it's not ready. Clearly, our primary goal is quality, and in its current summer, the game is anything but qualitative. So we're postponing it from February 15 to 21. During this week, we'll be working at an unbearable pace until we can't sleep and our health is completely ruined. In the end, the game emerged aborted from its scripted introduction on February 22, 2022. The game is playable and interesting, but not up to our expectations. However, the week of intensive development that followed in the wake of my illness, which had already weakened me, took its toll on me mentally and above all physically (I still have after-effects today), so we were unable to continue development and took a break. Finally in June. After more than a year of development and almost a year after its announcement, the game was released in its final form under the name "The Revealer Update". The game has been very well received, and many people have congratulated us and thanked us for it. But above all, I'd like to thank you, because if we never gave up, even when giving up seemed obvious, it's thanks to your constant support throughout development and each of your incredibly powerful messages. As a way of saying thank you, we've decided to develop a game that you've asked for, chapter 2 of the backrooms project. In any case, we hope you enjoyed Late Delivery, and if you haven't yet played it, you can do so here (Late Delivery). The sequel won't be arriving for a while, but keep an eye out - who knows where The Night Eye is hiding?

The future? Here we go:

The current project is The Backrooms Archives Vol.1 | Chap.2. You'll be immersively playing Kane Pixels' Found Footage 2 video. After that, we'll be working on a completely original project that we hope will win you over. During the development of Late Delivery, we've also been working on a complete overhaul of the site, which will require considerable effort, but we can tell you that this is just the beginning. Other features and a secret project are also under development in connection with the website. Through your messages on the Discord server, your comments on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else, you've helped bring our projects to life and make our imaginary worlds more real than ever. The first video game I ever played was Super Mario Bros, and now we're the ones making games. The rest of the adventure promises to be better than it's ever been, and we're going to do it all together... so are you with us? If so Here we goooooo!!!!


Personal note, Exypnos_ :

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Has0ne and Hoag. Without them, the project wouldn't have the same meaning at all, and Double T certainly wouldn't be what it is today. I couldn't have wished for a better pair of hands to do this project, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your creativity and talent is incredible, and working, laughing and spending time with you every day is simply magical. The greatest gift Double T has given me, and probably in the last few years of my life, is you two.


Now I'd like to thank you once again, the Double T community. For all those moments spent chatting with you, for all your videos and streams that are so pleasant to watch about our projects, for your constant support. Thank you all so much. I've always lived with my imaginary world, thinking I'd never be able to show it, describe it or bring it to life. Video games have been the key to all this for me, and the artistic freedom that Double T offers me is precious, and I repay it every day. Double T has inevitably changed my day-to-day life and given me a solid project to hang on to every day, one that's a pleasure to work on. When I was little, I was told that dreams were only at night when you're asleep, but with you I'm living them awake.

Double T, Growing with you.

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